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Coverage in Remote Areas

Our system has dedicated repeater sites and can provide reliable service in remote places such as Townsend, Wears Valley, and Foothills Parkway. 


Should a customer require dedicated coverage in a remote location, we can develop a tailored coverage solution to meet their specific needs.

Hardened Infrastructure

When large-scale natural disasters, mass casualty events, or civil unrest events occur, two-way systems continue to provide uninterrupted service while cellular networks become inundated with calls and ultimately fail, as happened following the 2020 bombing in Nashville, TN. 


Instant Communication in Emergencies

Should an employee encounter an emergency while on the road, a single button press notifies all other users instantly. If needed, a base station or supervisors’ radio can remotely monitor the microphone of the emergency radio to determine what type of assistance is needed.

Commercial Two-Way Service

Starting in 2022 Revision Systems will begin offering access to our dedicated radio system on a monthly basis for companies, municipalities, and 501(c) organizations in Blount and Knox Counties. 

Who Can Benefit From This Service?

Our radio system is a dedicated private wireless network that is built and operated to support the needs of customers in various industries including, construction, HVAC, waste collection, towing and recovery, electric utilities, public works, bus and transit systems, municipalities, universities, and more. For customers in these industries, leased radio access provides simple and cost-effective Push-to-talk communications, text messaging, and GPS tracking, without requiring the completion of frequency coordination or FCC licensing.

What About Cell Phones?

Cell phones have become ubiquitous over the last 2 decades with practically everyone having access to one, so many customers wonder why they should consider using radios.


Below we've compiled a list of several reasons why Two-Way Radios remain superior.

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